Jim Rogers shared his point of view on bitcoin

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Jim Rogers believes governments will interfere with the rise of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, but not blockchain. “The blockchain has a great future,” the famous investor told BBLOKK OFFICIAL. “Blockchain is changing everything we know, and it’s going to change even more. A lot of people are going to lose their job because of blockchain ... Bitcoin will not be allowed to succeed as real money, Rogers. Rogers, in his statement to Japan’s Aera dot, says that Bitcoin and other decentralized virtual currencies will never come close to being real money since they are beyond the government’s control. The rising Bitcoin price is merely a bubble and soon will head to zero, he said. Jim Rogers, who co-founded the Quantum Fund with billionaire investor George Soros, shared his take on bitcoin , its use for money, and governments' response to the growing use of cryptocurrency. He predicts that central banks will not allow uncontrolled money to be used. Jim Rogers estime que le BTC chutera jusqu’à zéro dollar. En 2020, certains pontes de la finance classique se sont ralliés aux cryptodevises, à qui ils reconnaissent certaines qualités.Mais d’autres s’accrochent à leur vision catastrophiste du domaine comme des moules à leur rocher, et Jim Rogers en fait partie. L’investisseur est particulièrement renommé aux Etats-Unis, sa ... Investor Jim Rogers, of Rogers Holdings fame, has said he missed the boat on investing in bitcoin. In a recent interview with China Money Network, the veteran investor said he still does not know ... Jim Rogers Talks Bitcoin. Famous investor Jim Rogers shared his prediction about the future bitcoin and cryptocurrency in an interview with Asahi Shimbun Singapore branch manager Koji Nishimura, published on Friday. Rogers cofounded the Quantum Fund in 1973 with billionaire investor George Soros, which was considered one of the most successful hedge funds in its heyday. They earned a 4,200% ... According to Jim Rogers, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency - asset types beyond the influence of the government - will not be allowed to survive. Despite strong performances over the years, Bitcoin has continued to attract detractors who keep doubting its offering. The latest to join that like is Jim Rogers, a famous American investor based ... Jim Rogers: Bitcoin Is Heading To Zero. In a recent interview, the co-founder of the Quantum Fund and Soros Fund Management expressed his unfavorable opinion of Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency market. He suggested that investing in any virtual currency is “not an investment target” as it’s “just gambling.” He based his arguments on the largely volatile cryptocurrency ... Jim Rogers, who cofounded the Quantum Fund with billionaire investor George Soros, has shared his view on bitcoin, its use as money, and governments' response to the growing use of cryptocurrency.

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BITCOIN BROKE $6,000!!! Going Parabolic?? $6,400 Resistance!! Binance Re-Org...

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